It has taken me a while longer than expected to get our website up and running, but it is ready for you now. The site can be as successful as we make it. So, let’s hear from our members on what you might want included. This part of the website will be what can be updated as frequently as we want or need to.

For starters, we can welcome and introduce our new Board members for the year 2012.

  • President and Newsletter Editor – Cheryl Brothers
  • First VP – Robert Fauteux
  • Second VP – Glen Stroud
  • Treasurer – John Moohr
  • Secretary – Robin Bowen
  • Parliamentarian – Carol Duensing
  • Sgt-at-Arms – Terry Dancey
  • Webmaster – Viola Sadler
  • Director – Carol Morales
  • Director – Connie Buenaventura
  • Director – open
  • Director – open

The opened slots were due to the untimely death of Ed Wylie who was to be an incoming Board member. Then in December Larry Callahan who would have started his fourth year on the Board also passed away. We were shocked and saddened by the loss of our two gentlemen. Both were true gentlemen, too.

At the December luncheon, Judge David O. Carter did the honors of installing those Board members who were present into office. See photo submitted by Glen Stroud.

Board Installation

L-R: Terry Dancey, John Moohr, Carol Morales, Connie Buenaventura, Robin Bowen, Glen Stroud, Bob Fauteux and Cheryl Brothers.

Our Board met on January 5th and our President Cheryl has a great agenda for this year. Hope the world does not come to an end just because the Mayans ran out of space in their calendar. 😉
As we look ahead, these are a few of things we are actively pursuing:

  • Lining up speakers for our luncheon meetings
  • Investigating best locale for our luncheon meetings
  • Assisting in the recruitment of 2013-14 Grand Jury candidates
  • Assisting the County in procuring a multi-year contract for IT services
  • Staying informed on Legislature action as it might impact the Grand Jury system
  • Assisting in recruitment and interviews for Measure M board members
  • Continuing and amplifying this website

Stay tuned.