September Program

Assistant Sheriff Mike James has more than 27 years in law enforcement experience with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. He currently serves as the Assistant Sheriff of Custody and Court Operations. During calendar year 2011, the three separate jail divisions within Orange County’s jail system had the ability to house in excess of 7,000 inmates and the Courts dealt with 113,000 inmates and 4.7 million members of the public.

Assistant Sheriff James was also in charge of Field Operations and Investigative Services. He has primary oversight for five divisions responsible for a variety of functions and enforcement activities critical to the safety of the residents of Orange County.

These divisions include Airport Operations, Homeland Security, Investigations, North Operations and South Operations. Within these functions and activities is the patrol of contract cities and unincorporated areas of the county including county parks, beaches, coastline waters, and harbors. He was largely re- sponsible for the Orange County Sheriff ’s Department bringing two major information sharing programs to the law enforcement community.

From 1999-2005 he served as the Chief of Police Services for the City of Lake Forest Police. Mike’s breadth of experience makes him the perfect person to answer all your questions.