President’s Message

I had the privilege of speaking to the incoming 2012/ 13 Grand Jury panel during their orientation week. They seem like a bright and eager group. Seventeen of the 2011/12 panel who just finished their year will be joining our association with a free six months membership. Let’s welcome them to our group and hear from them about their experience. They certainly served during an interesting time for local governments. They managed to get great press coverage on their reports and seem eager to follow up on implementation of their recommendations. Their members have contacted me regarding the authority af- forded the GJAOC by the county to do follow up work. I suspect we are not done hearing from them. With the help of Joe Quiros, I will be working with the CA Franchise Tax Board to bring the Association into compliance for our tax exempt status. There seems to be some filing that is missing. I have some friendly expert help on this, and hope that the issue can be corrected without penalty. We will be implementing a set of policies and guide- lines to assure that all filing is done in a timely manner in the future. It hardly seems like a year has gone by since we had our election for board members, but, it is that time again. The following members have served a two year term and have agreed to run for re-election: Cheryl Brothers, Terry Dancey, Carol Morales, Glen Stroud. Chuck Holt was appointed to fill a one year term and will be running for the 2013 board.

Viola Sadler has completed a 2 year term and has decided to pursue other endeavors in the future. Among other contributions during her tenure, Viola set up our GJAOC web site. She will be looking for someone in the Association to take over this duty. The web master does not have to be on the board of directors, just someone with the interest and skills to keep the web page up to date.

Lynn Bonas has been a member of the Association since her panel service in 2006/07. She has been nominated to run for the open seat in the upcoming election. We have a full slate of names running for election and will have nominations from the floor at the September luncheon. As promised at our last meeting, WE ARE MOVING OUR LUNCH MEETINGS BACK TO THE PHOENIX CLUB IN ANAHEIM. Please keep the lunch flyer handy so you don’t forget to go to the new location. We will be back in the big ballroom for the September pro- gram and in the Pavilion for December.

I think that we have an interesting and timely program planned for you. See you in September – wasn’t that a love song?

Cheryl Brothers, President