News from the December 6th Meeting

photos by Glen Stroud and Ron Harris (click on photos to enlarge)

Business Meeting

At the December meeting each year the Board members are sworn in by a distinguished judge. This year the ceremony was conducted by Superior Court Judge Richard M. King. Shown in the photo above are the newly elected and returning Board members. From left to right: Bill Underwood*, Connie Buenaventura, Carol Duensing, Carol Morales*, Terry Dancey*, Carlos Olvera, Lynn Bonas*, Robin Bowen, Glen Stroud*, Joe Quiros, John Moohr and Cheryl Brothers* with the asterisk indicating a newly elected or re-elected Board member.

A second business item was the passage of bylaw amendments that include modification of the procedures for nominating and electing Directors.


Judge King, pictured at the right, delivered a well received background talk on the history of the death penalty and the three strikes law – both topics of propositions on the recent General Election ballot.

On a more personal note, Judge King noted his appointment to the California Interagency Council on Veterans. The Council was created in 2011 to help coordinate veterans’ services across local, state, and federal lines. Judge King is a U.S. Navy veteran and his first job as an attorney was with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington.

More Photos

On the left is Cheryl Brothers, center, with retiring Board members Viola Stadler and Chuck Holt. On the right members are shown mingling in the festively decorated room while Directors Carol Morales and John Moohr work at the sign in table.