Standing Committees are specified in the Bylaws. Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed by the President each year as provided for in the Bylaws.

Standing Committees

Audit Committee

Shall conduct a year-end audit of the financial affairs of the Association and report to the new Board of Directors at the February Board Meeting. No more than one member of the Board may serve on this committee.

Membership Committee

Is responsible for all recruitment activities of the Association, as well as the collection of annual dues. An updated membership list is kept by this committee with a copy forwarded to the Editorial Committee.

Nominating Committee

Must nominate a candidate for each Board position and offer a slate of candidates to the general membership each year.

Program Committee

Is responsible for the selection of speakers for Association general meetings and arranges the luncheon accommodations.

Ad Hoc Committees

Taxpayer’s Oversight Committee Selection Panel

Provides a Selection Panel to recruit, screen and recommend persons to fill vacancies on the Taxpayer’s Oversight Committee, an element of the transportation initiatives Measure M and Measure M2. Contracts with Orange County Transportation Authority are negotiated every five (5) years.

Editorial/Public Relations Committee

Produces the quarterly GJAOC Newsletter, conducts public relations for the Association and maintains the master mailing list.

Tracking & Implementation – TIC

Under the authority of the Board of Supervisors, reviews and reports to the CEO the implementation of those Grand Jury recommendations with which the subject organizations have concurred.

Legislative Committee

Reviews and reports on current and pending legislation pertinent to the grand jury system and recommends appropriate action.

Public Service Committee

Reports on openings on County Boards, Commissions and Committees. Maintains a directory of these activities, plus terms of membership.

Speakers Bureau

Fulfills the objective of public education about the grand jury system. Members are supplied with grand jury information materials and give presentations to county clubs and organizations.  To visit the Speakers Bureau page please click here.