The basic mission of the Association is to focus upon the California grand jury system and how it relates to governmental activities within Orange County.

The GJAOC serves as an information conduit to past Orange County Grand Jurors on subjects of potential interest pertinent to grand jury activities.

The GJAOC, through its information dissemination and allied activities, presents to the community a reservoir of knowledgeable volunteers available to serve in the public’s interest.

To amplify the above statement, the following is a summary of the goals and objectives:

  • Create and disseminate a quarterly newsletter
  • Investigate and report opportunities to serve on various boards, commissions and committees
  • Report on the outcome of past grand jury reports and recommendations
  • Promote the grand jury system to educate the public and attract future grand jury members
  • Provide a pool of speakers to support public education concerning the grand jury system
  • Present informative speakers for all GJAOC quarterly meetings