A sad note from Viola Sadler

Today is the saddest day of my life. The love of my life passed away early this morning! I woke up this morning around 4 am because his snoring was loud and different. I tried in vain to wake him up, but couldn’t. My call to 911 brought in the police, the fire department paramedics and the ambulance. The trip to Anaheim Memorial was quick because of hardly any traffic. The doctor and staff worked on him, but he never woke up. The cause of death was a ‘massive heart attack.’

Yesterday was a very routine day for us. Getting ready for family to visit on Christmas Day, we have the ham and all the other fixings. He was looking forward to seeing Cynthia and that beautiful grandson Nicolas.

Please advise other friends of Charles’s passing. Please say a prayer for him. He was the kindest, most unselfish man in my entire life. Please ask friends not to call me at this time. Too many things to figure out. I will try to send out emails as things develop. My brother Ernie and his wife Connie as well as Charles’s brother Jim came to be with me and Chuck at the hospital and then they came over to the house for breakfast.

Jessica, my niece, will pick up Cyndi at the airport. Grateful for your thoughtfulness and prayers,

Viola Sadler