1June2017 Luncheon Photos

On June 1, 2017 approximately 49 GJAOC members and guests attended a luncheon where the Honorable Jeannie M. Joseph was our speaker.  She gave a talk entitled: “Federal Grand Jury vs. The State Grand Jury”. We learned a lot of interesting facts about the Federal Grand Jury system that stand in contrast to the California Grand Jury system. For example: Federal Grand Juries are not comprised of volunteers. Their panels are made up of voters who have received a jury summons.

At the same event, the GJAOC bid farewell to our board member and friend, Helen Alberts, most recently our membership coordinator.  Below are some photos from the event.


Judge Jeannie Joseph, Orange County Superior Court

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Judge Joseph delivering her talk: “Federal Grand Jury v. The State Grand Jury”