The Grand Jurors Association of Orange County (GJAOC) is an organization of former grand jurors. Formed in 1970, it consists of a Board of Directors, individual committees and general members. Regular meetings are held of both the Board and general members, and a quarterly newsletter informs the members of upcoming events and county news.

The primary objectives of the Association are to educate the public on the role and function of the grand jury system in California and to attract future grand jury applicants.

The Association also offers a forum to former grand jurors who wish to continue their activities in county government and an ability to renew friendships.

The general membership meets the first Thursday of March, June, September and December. The meetings include lunch and a speaker or panel on subjects pertinent to county government and related activities. The Board of Directors meets on the first Thursday of the alternate months with the exception of July.

In recognition of members of the outgoing grand jury a six-month membership is awarded to extend from July 1 through December 31 immediately following their year of service.

An Association web site was created in 2011 and is updated on a regular basis throughout the year. Final reports, quarterly newsletters, and bylaws are a sample of what is available to members on this site GJAOC.ORG.